Sonia Azizian

Sonia Azizian earned her Bachelors degree in Economics with a Specialization in Asian-American Studies from UCLA. A successful entrepreneur with several companies since 1994, Sonia has applied coaching techniques to assist her business clients in achieving their goals.

Sonia is a dynamic, natural born-leader who motivates others to accept and love themselves completely. As an effective and compassionate Life Coach, Speaker and Businesswoman, Sonia successfully guides others to discover and break through their personal roadblocks to achieve their dreams.

Sonia has a passion for people, culture and nature that has inspired her to travel the world photographing life's incredible scenes. She has an innate desire to continue her own personal growth and education using the world as her teacher and classroom.

As of 2012, she has an Amazon #1 Best Seller under her belt with her collaboration on Unbreakable Spirit.

Sonia is a brilliant, caring and competent Life Coach. Her background as a Financial Consultant and Realtor provides particular support and insight for anyone faced with today's financial challenges. As a Certified MMS Coach, she is trained to empower her clients to find their own solutions and achieve their goals. - Joy Huntsman, Joy & Associates, Inc

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